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Products – Shooting range

ZVI's Shooting range is situated in beautiful mountain surrounding about 30 km from Vsetín. It is built up in natural valley c. 1 200 m to the east from city Střelná in Vsetín district, 500 m to the south from road and 260 m from railway Horní Lideč – Půchov. Altitude of firing line “0” is 490 m. In distance 1 500 m is terrain exceeded by 81 m and in distance 2 000 m the camber gives 143 m. Thanks to its equipment there can be arranged different shooting disciplines. Shooting range has parameters allowing shooting on longer distances.

To shooting range fittings belong among other following:

  • Firing line “0” – shooting penthouse – bricked object which is a part of shooting range.
  • Side track target course for mobile aims, placed on target line in distance 400 m from firing line.
  • Frontal fastening terrestrial mound on lines in distances: 50, 100, 300, 400, 500 and 1000 m.
  • Shot catcher filled with sawdust in distance 300 m.
  • In space between target lines 1800 m and 2000 m is established pyrotechnical post for explosives liquidation.
  • In space of target lines 300 m, 500 m, 1500 m and 2000 m are set resistant protective objects for working personnel.

We offer test shooting as well as arranging shooting competitions. With this we have extensive old experiences, among our satisfied customers are:

  • shooting clubs
  • hunting federations
  • military forces
  • police units
  • private persons

Further by the presence of our specialists we are able to ensure specimen shooting from army weapons derivable from our production. A part of this offer is security of whole area, target service and parking.

The Price for offered services are being offered upon request and depends on extent of services and number of hours. In case of your interest please contact our sales department.

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