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Products – 20 mm Gun Pod Plamen



The PL-20 package represents a set of products comprising an aircraft weapons system and its ground accessories. The 20 x 102 mm weapons system consists of the ZPL-20 aircraft gun, the KPL-20 gun pod, the MPL-20 aircraft ammunition (TP, TP-T, API-T or HEI cartridges), PYR-20 cartridges and elements of the P-20 ammunition feed belt. The ground accessories consist of the feed belt charger PLN-20, the ground control device LUN 2469, the adjustment telescope RD 20-460, the gun assembly stand, the gun pod assembly, the set of spare parts 1:1 and 1:3 and the tool set.

The ZPL-20 is a high rate-of-fire, two-barrels electrically controlled automatic gun for aerial usage resting together with the ammunition box and the electronic control block in the KPL-20 gun pod. The pod may be suspended under a standard NATO pylon and is standardly linked to the board control computer of the aircraft.

During all allowed flight modes the PL-20 package enables aerial fire at air targets (in aerial combat and for aircraft self-defense) and at ground targets, to provide combat support for or defense of ground forces.

The ground accessories of the PL-20 are designated, in particular, for the pre-flight procedures and post-flight checks of the PL-20, as well as for its maintenance, transport and storage.

The ZPL-20 gun and MPL-20 ammunition are also utilizable for ground applications. In such cases the gun may be mounted on fixed and/or mobile platforms.

In 2004, all parts of the PL-20 have been certified for use in military aviation in compliance with the STANAG and MIL international standards. The ammunition is compatible with the M39 / M56 / M61A ammunition series.

Based on successful finalization of control and end-user tests, the PL-20 has been integrated into the armaments of L-159 aircraft and, subsequently, employed by the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic.

Technical data

PL-20 package

Mass max. max. 229 kg
Length 3 260 mm
Ammunition 20x102 mm
Cartridge box capacity 210 pcs
Primer ignition principle electrical

ZPL-20 aircraft gun

Calibre 20x102 mm
Rate of fire - low 780 ± 50 min-1
Rate of fire - high 2 600 ± 100 min-1
Weapon principle coupled breeches, gas-withdrawal actuation
Length 2 000 mm
Width 177 mm
Height 222 mm
Mass 68 ± 1 kg
Muzzle velocity 1 020 +43 -20 m.s-1
In-flight breech initiation three times, pyrotechnically
Life cycle 6,000 rounds
NSN Code 1005160041727

KPL-20 gun pod

Length 2 725 mm
Diameter 400 mm
Mass 95,5 ± 2 kg
NSN Code 1005160009886

Letecká munice 20x102

Calibre 20x102 mm
Cartridge weight 262 g
Maximum cartridge length 168 mm
Projectile weight 101 ± 1,3 g
Powder charge weight  39 g
Mean projectile velocity V10 (V23) 1 041 ±15 m.s-1 (1030 ±15 m.s-1)
Mean hit diameter in the distance  500 m <=348 mm
Types– NSN Code HEI 1305160042374
  API-T 1305160042375
  TP 1305160042376
  TP-T 1305160000168

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