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Company profile – Company profile - present

ZVI a.s.'s (Inc.) main focus lies on products for army and police profile customers manufacturing especially medium calibre weapons and ammunition (12,7 mm – 20 mm). In the year 2007 ZVI introduced successfully production of ammunition calibre 30 mm. ZVI continues the of the Zbrojovka Vsetín by maintaining the production capability and the standby readiness for the existing weapon systems within the Czech Armed Forces and fulfils new requirements of modernizing the armament with several new projects. Due to its co-operation with research and development facilities and Czech manufacturing companies, ZVI a.s. (Inc.) contributes to the consolidation of the Czech defence industry enterprises. ZVI a.s. (Inc.) is a member of AOP ČR and is a holder of certifications of managing quality system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 and AQAP 2110.

All ZVI's products are designed and manufactured in accordance with NATO standards. The products have been introduced to the inventory of the Czech Armed Forces or are passing qualification tests. Modification of ZVI products enables their utilization at several army sorts including special units. The exacting technical and tactical requirements of the Czech Armed Forces in respect to introduced armament establish good conditions for the application of ZVI's products abroad as well. The penetration of foreign markets is supported by contracting commodity cooperation with prominent foreign partners.

The most significant product of ZVI is the PL-20 Aircraft Gun Pod “Plamen”, consisting of the 20 mm two-barrel ZPL-20 aircraft gun, the KPL-20 gun pod and the 20x102 mm aircraft ammunition. This system is certified and integrated to be used on the subsonic airplane L159 ALCA manufactured by AERO Vodochody Inc. Currently supplies for Czech Armed Forces are being fulfilled. With the support of the Czech Armed Forces is the PLAMEN is being adopted also for applications on helicopter and ground platforms. This intention is being published in expert journals and also presented on conferences dealing with this field of operation. ZVI is cooperating with the research and development centres PROTOTYPA-ZM Brno, VTÚVM Slavičín, VZLÚ Prague, VTÚL a PVO Prague, UO Brno Inc., refunrbishing companies of military technology in Nový Jičín and in Šternberk.on conventional basis.

ZVI is the operator of a shooting range in Střelná where besides testing its own products, also provides analogical services for development enterprises and manufacturing companies. ZVI is participating in the organization of international shooting competitions.

ZVI removed a part of own production of ammunition to a new reconstructed factory building in Slavičín. Thereby good presumptions are given to increase production of ammunition calibre 20 mm and 30 mm in future.