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Company profile – Company profile - history

Zbrojovka Vsetín was established in 1937 as a plant III of the former Čs. Zbrojovka Inc, Brno. With the intention to ensure republic striking power the main task was the production of subset 37 caliber 7,92 mm and subset 60 caliber 15 mm machine-guns including its ammunition for Czechoslovak army as well as hunting ammunition.

During the 2nd world war the whole concern of Zbrojovka was integrated to Germanic army industry and worked on an armament program. A new modern production object with an initial capacity of 420 pieces per year were big machine-guns which reached during a few months a capacity of 4 800 unit per year. Further along the war period the military cannon FF20, the machine-gun MG151, AAA machine-gun cannons "FLAK" and other types of weapons and ammunition were manufactured. Also several series of the light machine-gun ZB30 model 27 were produced, which was developed yet before the war in Zbrojovka Brno and was manufactured also in England and Canada under the license name BREN. The most typical product within the German occupation was the aircraft cannon MG 131 in caliber 13 mm, whereof e.g. in 1944 incredible 42 837 units were manufactured.

After 1945 ammunition in caliber 12.7, the machine-gun Gorjunov caliber 7.62 mm in tank design, the tank forces gun P 27, the bazooka T 21, the aircraft gun NR 23, the two-barreled antiaircraft gun PLDVK 30 mm, the bracket weapon ZH 59 in caliber 12.7 mm and universal machine-gun, UK 59 caliber 7.62 mm for border cartridge as well as modified UK 68 in caliber 7.62 mm for NATO charge were gradually being made.

In 1950 a plant of Zbrojovka Brno situated in Vsetín became an independent company. From the production development and increase of capacity arose the necessity to prepare new production programs, which would match the power of existing technology. Attention was aimed at the textile industry which became indeed the decisive production branch of Zbrojovka Vsetín in the coming years. From ZPS Zlín the production of great-diameter knitting machines and later also the production of hydraulic and pneumatic jet looms developed following an original Czechoslovak patent, wa transferred to Zbrojovka Vsetín.

Opening and developing of textile machines production proved to be a solution with good prospects. Production accuracy gained in former years within the military production was succssfully used in these projects. Together with the application of the revolutionary invention of pneumatic exchange woof at weaving Zbrojovka’s traditions and abilities led to great success in global range. Development was also noted at next basis production programs – aperture tools and mining electrical detonators. Nevertheless the production of textile machines had its merit mostly in the company expansion. Along the conjugation of Czech air weaving machinery production as much as 7 500 employees were employed at Zbrojovka Vsetín and machines were exported to 60 countries in the whole world.

After 1989 were, in context with political and social changes, were realized, in context with political and social changes, gradually three independent companies came into being: Zbrojovka Vsetín INDET, Inc. with the basic production program of electric and nonelectric detonators and initiators and company TRUSTFIN Inc which was engaged mainly in air weaving machines and great-diameter weaving machines production and finally there was STIM ZET Inc. with manufacturing of cutting tools for openings and ZBROJOVKA VSETÍN Inc., which had inwardly its tradition returned to production of weapons and ammunitions, complemented with promotive engineering production.

In 1993 by transformation and reorganization of a part of Zbrojovka Vsetín Inc. was founded Zbrojovka Vsetín – INDET Inc was founded. In 2000 this company was renamed to ZVI Inc.

The only listed shareholder of ZVI Inc. is the company M.P.I. TRADING Ltd. from December 8th,2004